Faction Focus: Daemons of Khorne

Darkness is sweeping the 41st Millennium, and the mortal hordes of the Heretic Astartes are bolstered by legions of daemonic allies. Thanks to the Great Rift, the servants of the Chaos Gods have been pouring forth to devour reality in ever-greater numbers across the galaxy – so it’s about time they got a codex of their own! Codex: Chaos Daemons brings a raft of new ways to customise and play your Daemons army, offering particular rewards for those players who dedicate themselves to a single Chaos God.

While we’ve taken a look at the codex as a whole, this week, we’ll be looking into what each specific Chaos God can bring to the tabletop, starting with the Blood God, Khorne:

We’ve already looked at the Khornate Daemonic Locus, the aptly-named Locus of Rage, but it’s worth reiterating just how handy this ability is. Whether you’re looking to insert a deadly block of Bloodletters into the enemy frontlines, or you’ve got a tricky charge to make with a Bloodthirster, this helps you get your Daemons where they need to be as soon as possible.

Khorne armies also have some powerful artefacts on hand, ranging from deadly weaponry to some essential utility items. One particularly useful option is the Armour of Scorn; as well as upgrading the invulnerable save of a key Character, it’ll also help shore up your psychic defences against any cowards that dare use magic against a servant of the God of Murder!

Skullreaver, meanwhile, is quite possibly one of the deadliest weapons in the entire game. In the hands of a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster, you’ll be able to carve through powerful Characters (even Daemon Primarchs of rival Chaos Gods) and enemy super-heavies with brutal efficiency.

Indeed, Greater Daemons of Khorne – or any Chaos God – have received a significant improvement in the new codex thanks to 24 (yes, 24!) Warlord Traits. For Khorne, you won’t want to overlook Oblivious to Pain, which provides an additional save against wounds, as well as forcing any enemy shooting at you to risk supercharging your favourite Character in the next turn:

Khorne Daemons may not be subtle, but they’re undeniably effective, whether you’re looking to dominate the battlefield with swarms of elite combat infantry or to grind skulls beneath the hooves of larger Daemons. You can pre-order your Chaos Daemons codex this weekend, while Start Collecting! Daemons of Khorne contains a great selection of models for you to get a headstart with.

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