Faction Focus: Tzeentch Daemons

Tzeentch Daemons have proven themselves one of the most popular armies in the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000, combining durability, a superb Psychic phase and some iconic and unusual miniatures that capture the hearts of players. With the new Codex: Chaos Daemons, you can field an army dedicated to the God of Change that’s more diverse than ever, combining standbys like Horrors with a range of new options.

Firstly, it’s worth reiterating the potential of the Locus of Trickery. While a little unpredictable, combined with your solid Invulnerable saves, this ability means your units are going to be very difficult to displace in close combat, while also helping your larger Daemons like the Lord of Change resist incoming close combat damage.


As you’d expect, Tzeentch armies have a panoply of magical tricks up their sleeves with new psychic powers. Gaze of Fate is a simple but effective example, allowing you to consistently generate free re-rolls – perfect if you want to preserve your Command Points for some of the powerful new Stratagems available to the army.

Locus of Conjuration is a key ability for Tzeentch armies – with it, you’ll be able to ensure success on trickier Psychic tests and ensure that your all-important Smites land – even if you’re playing with the recently-announced beta rules and have to deal with tests of escalating difficulty.


Tzeentch armies have the potential to be pretty deadly in the Shooting phase as well as the Psychic phase, thanks to the Flickering Flames psychic power. After all, with +1 to wound, even lesser Horrors have a shot at bringing down larger foes through sheer volume of fire.

Tzeentch players looking to design their own leaders will find the codex very rewarding as well, thanks to another set of Warlord Traits and Hellforged Artefacts to choose from. The Impossible Robe allows you to make a chosen Herald or Lord of Change astoundingly durable, especially when you take into account Ephemeral Form, which boosts the save to a 3+!

Tzeentch armies are perfect for players looking to master the Psychic phase and outsmart their foes – quite fitting for the god of scheming plots cunning plans! If you’re interested in starting a Tzeentch army, you can pre-order your codex this weekend, while the Start Collecting! Daemons of Tzeentch set is a great way to save money on the models your army needs.

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