Faith, Fury, and Firepower: Space Marines Preview

The Space Marines are about to get even deadlier – the Primaris Apothecary, Primaris Chaplain and the Repulsor tank are joining the reinforcements accompanying the new Space Marines codex.

The Primaris Chaplain is the latest imposing iteration of a classic Space Marine hero. His Mk X power armour has been decorated with the symbols of his office, including a grim-looking skull mask and a spiky iron halo. In one hand, he carries his signature crozius arcanum, while the other wields a high-calibre absolver bolt pistol – this is no mere sidearm, but a pretty nasty weapon in its own right. The Primaris Chaplain is naturally a brutal melee combatant and can drive Space Marines into a killing frenzy; we think he makes a nice companion, visually and tactically, to the Primaris Reivers.

The Primaris Apothecary is a key support character for the Space Marines, and you’ll want one in your army to make the most out of your other units. The Primaris Apothecary can heal your multi-wound models, and even bring casualties back to the fight – this is great for your more elite infantry. The Apothecary model is packed with detail: vials containing the gene-seed of his brethren, advanced medical equipment and a reductor pistol. The reductor is designed to punch through Space Marine armour quickly and cleanly; in a pinch it can do much the same to the skull of a rampaging Ork Warlord and is a pretty nifty offensive weapon. (FYI – if you were wondering who the dead Space Marine was from the June 14th Rumour Engine, he’s from this model’s base.)

The Repulsor is a brutal battle tank, an armoured firebase as much as a transport. To call this a skimmer would do it a disservice; the Repulsor grinds forward on a thrumming wave of force supporting a hull nearly as durable as the Land Raider. Offensively, the Repulsor can be equipped with a dizzying array of weaponry: gatling cannons, las-weapons, bolters, grenade launchers and rocket pods, while defensively, auto launchers confuse incoming fire while the repulsor field makes the tank harder to charge. This would be a threatening vehicle if it was just a battle tank, but it’s also capable of carrying a deadly cargo of 10 Primaris Space Marines into battle. Aggressors and other close-support units will particularly benefit from new deployment options like the Repulsor.

These new units will be available able to pre-order on Saturday; in the meantime, you can pick up their rules in Codex: Space Marines.

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