Fate of Konor Update: Chaos win on Drenthal!

Another week of the campaign, and Chaos have managed to just hold onto their lead with a victory over Drenthal! The Imperium made excellent gains in the Hanghalen Seastead, breaking a string of difficult weeks for the UK and Rest of World, but Chaos managed to hold the Agdaen Archipelago throughout the week. The battle ultimately came down to possession of Terebral Station Sigma, which for most of the week was locked in a desperate draw.

Despite a much improved showing from the Imperium – resulting in them actually pulling ahead in terms of overall victories – thanks to the efforts of players in the UK and the Rest of the World region – Chaos managed to maintain a hold on 2 out of the 3 locations, thus claiming a win on objectives (we’ve all been there!)

The final week of the campaign dawns – here, the Fate of Konor will be truly decided. The winner on Loebos will win the entire campaign, and with both sides making strong showings, it’s impossible to say at this stage who will win. For this extra-special campaign week, we’re giving you a little extra time to battle, and you’ll have until the morning of Monday the 11th of September to play and submit your results – after which, we’ll be announcing the final victor.

Ready your forces and prepare for the final battles on the Fate of Konor website.

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