Firestorm, the armies of the Great Cities and the elite of the Death Guard

Get ready to conquer the Mortal Realms and build an empire to last the ages – Firestorm is coming soon, alongside the new Great Cities boxed sets. Meanwhile, in the 41st Millennium, the armoury of the Death Guard continues to grow with a new unit and the return of a reviled and revered commander of the Legion.

Firestorm is a new way to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar, allowing you and your friends to battle for supremacy in map-based campaigns. As you win battles, you’ll be able to capture territories and build a kingdom of your own, adding powerful gameplay benefits to your army. Inside the box, you’ll find the campaign map, decks of dominion cards for each player and stickers to mark your impact on the Realm of Fire – all of these are fully reusable, meaning after one Firestorm campaign you’re free to set up another one. There are unique strategic challenges to map-based play for gamers, while for narrative players this is an easy way to structure a campaign. Firestorm has been designed to be compatible with any kind of play – you can fight your battles in tense games of Skirmish or try the new siege rules from the General’s Handbook 2017, or even string them together to create varied, rich, and thematic games.

There’s more! Firestorm comes with 10 new allegiance abilities representing the unique armies of the Great Cities and those who would tear them down. The Great Cities are the kingdoms of Order in the Mortal Realms, each home to a unique and varied collection of humans, elves, duardin and Stormcast Eternals. You may remember some of them from the Season of War campaign, such as the Greywater Fastness, others you may have already explored, like Hammerhal, while some are completely new, like Tempest’s Eye. The new allegiance abilities are designed to represent how these cities fight; the forces of the Phonecium, for instance, are inspired to fight harder by the deaths of their comrades, honouring the Ur-Phoenix, while the armies of Anvilgard crush their foes underfoot in relentless marches. We’ll be previewing some of these next week in detail – what’s more, these are usable in any of your games, not just Firestorm!

To get you started with your Great Cities army, we’re releasing 3 new boxed sets of miniatures. Each of these is packed with a range of models from the Order Grand Alliance, as well as a rules sheet to let you use your Great Cities rules in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Finally, in the 41st Millennium, the warriors of the Plague God continue to gather, with more elite troops arriving for the XIV Legion. The Blightlord Terminators are the vanguard of the Death Guard, combining advanced wargear with arcane gifts of plague. These guys are a reinvention of the Chaos Terminators you may have used in past editions, equipped with a range of weapons you’ll be familiar with (reaper autocannons, combi-weapons and the like) as well as deadly new tools like the flail of corruption.

Accompanying the Blightlord Terminators is Typhus, the Herald of Nurgle. Reinvented for the new codex, Typhus has been upgraded to combine classic elements of his design with a new Death Guard flair, meaning he fits in perfectly with the rest of the range. Similarly, dedicated Death Guard fans will notice the similarity between this model and its counterpart from the 31st Millennium. If you’re looking for a leader for your Death Guard army (or just want to make your Poxwalkers more powerful), then Typhus is an excellent choice.

Firestorm, the new Great Cities boxed sets, Typhus and the Blightlord Terminators will be available to pre-order on Saturday the 23rd of September – let us know what you’re most excited about on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar and the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook pages!

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