Forge World at the New Year’s Open Day

The New Year’s Open Day saw some pretty awesome reveals, and Forge World was no exception, showing off some exciting new models from the year ahead. We’ve seen some of these before on Warhammer Community – like the characterful Hive Scum! – but we thought it was worth taking a closer look at some of the most exciting new stuff.

We got a chance to check out some more upcoming units for the Space Wolves. Joining the soon-to-be-released Varagyr Terminators and the awesome Space Wolves Legion Praetor, the Grey Slayers Upgrade Pack allows you to build your Vlka Fenryka with a range of wargear, designed to represent the dizzying array of weapons available to these warrior warbands.

There are a couple of upgrade kits on the way, each featuring different weapons. Our favourites are the runic combat shields featured in one of the sets – these should allow you to build your battleline infantry as a shield wall, hearkening back to the distant historical origins of these savage Space Marines.

We also got a look at some upcoming scenery and something very close to hobby sacrilege – if you’re of a sensitive disposition, avert your eyes now…

Usually, if you see a Warlord Titan in this kind of state, something has gone horribly, horribly wrong – but in this case, it looks like the Warhammer World Studio scenery team are working on another awesome display (we hope!).

Finally, the Forge World team showed off some of their new Legion Vehicle Doors for the Imperial Fists. Forge World is currently hard at work updating every original founding Legion with a new set of doors, including those for the Deimos Pattern Rhino and (for loyalists), the Repulsor. If you’ve not seen doors for your Legion yet, worry not – chances are they’ll be out before long!

Finally, the New Year’s Open Day saw some very exciting news for Legio Custodes players – rules are on the way for using your models in Warhammer 40,000 alongside the new plastic Adeptus Custodes. We’ll have more news on this closer to the time – in the meantime, if all these reveals have you inspired for your next Forge World hobby project, your shopping this week could well win you a Titan – find out more here.

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