Forge World Focus: Lucius

One of the most exciting features of the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex is rules for seven different forge worlds, allowing you to customise your collection more than ever before with powerful and thematic new abilities. This week, we’ll be previewing what the forge world rules mean for your army in our daily previews of Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus in advance of the pre-order this Saturday:

The forge world of Lucius is renowned for Luciun, a unique alloy known for its durability. Naturally, the armies of Lucius are armed with war-plate and weapons made of Luciun, lending them considerable durability against small-arms fire. On the tabletop, this is represented by the forge world dogma The Solar Blessing:

Being able to ignore AP -1 attacks helps your larger units resist armour-piercing firepower, reducing the impact of popular shooting weapons like heavy bolters and autocannons.

Best Units

Kataphron Breachers are pretty durable, but Toughness 5 is only so much of a defence against massed shooting.

Maintaining their 3+ save means your battle servitors will stay in the fight for much longer, while the unique Lucius stratagem, Legio Teleportarium, is perfect for delivering them into optimal combat range.

Similarly, Kastelan Robots benefit from ignoring low-AP attacks for much the same reasons; as an added bonus, they can combine their firepower with the Kastelan Robots with the Elimination Volley Stratagem!

If you want to field the heavy hitters of the Adeptus Mechanicus without having to worry about massed small arms fire, then Lucius is the forge world for you. Come back tomorrow, when we’ll be checking out Agripinaa, dauntless defenders from the Eye of Terror.

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