Forge World: New Releases and Rules

There’s an eclectic pair of releases from Forge World this week, as the might of the Space Marines’ newest super-heavy tank is joined by a bounty-hunting underhive Beastman.

The Astraeus Super-heavy tank is a new Space Marines Lord of War.

Big (very big) brother to the Primaris Repulsor, it’s a floating fortress, blending the arcane technologies Belisarius Cawl used to create the Repulsor with ancient STCs recovered by the Minotaurs Chapter from a far-distant part of the galaxy. And the combination is devastating. The Astraeus’ primary weapon is a pair of macro-accelerator cannons, which use magnetic technology to propel ferro-carbide slugs at immense speed, devastating anything they hit. Supporting this are turrets which include a variety of weapons options, including heavy bolters, lascannons, las-rippers and plasma eradicators. The Astraeus is even defended by layered void shields, making it as durable as it is devastating.

The model itself is truly huge, a perfect centrepiece for a Primaris Space Marines army, and comes in 112 parts, with a 160mm round base to mount it on. “But how can I use it – I have no rules!” we hear you shout. Fear not, for the rules are available now, in a handy PDF download. Read them, get excited, and head over to Forge World to order your Astraeus.

And while you’re there, you might want to pick up the underhive’s newest bounty hunter. Step aside Kal Jerico, because Gor Half-horn is in town!

This abhuman Beastman – yep, they exist in the grim darkness of the far future as well – is the first in Forge World’s range of resin characters for Necromunda. The model is based on a classic Warhammer 40,000 Beastman, and comes armed with a unique plasma pistol and a rather vicious-looking chainsword. Gor is armoured and even bears the winged skull symbol usually unique to the Astra Militarum. Want to know what benefits he’ll bring to your gang (besides his weapons and undoubted charm)?

Download his rules right here:

You can pre-order both the Astraeus Super-heavy tank and Gor Half-horn now, exclusively from Forge World.

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