Forge World Pre-order: Begin the Hunt

Forge World pre-orders return with a bang today with the impressive new model for Qin Xa, the White Scars’ Master of the Keshig. As he’s the first new model for The Horus Heresy we’ve seen for some time, we’re going to be showing off his rules so you can see how he’s going to be slicing his way across the battlefields of the Age of Darkness.

Jaghatai Khan frequently described Qin Xa as one of the finest warriors of the White Scars Legion, and who are we to argue with the Khagan? While most of his battle-brothers eschewed the wearing of Terminator armour, Qin Xa marched to war wearing a glorious suit of Tartaros-pattern plate.* He is armed with a pair of matching Dao blades, called the Tails of the Dragon.** In combat, he had mastered both fighting styles when using them – Split the Mountain and Part the Horse’s Mane.

When fielding Qin Xa on the tabletop, use Part the Horse’s Mane to slice through squads of Traitors or Split the Mountain when fighting tougher opponents, such as that unfortunate Contemptor Dreadnought on Qin Xa’s base.

The model comes with a choice of a helmet or bare head and has a 40mm gaming base, which then slots into a 60mm display base that features the ruins of an enemy Dreadnought. Whether you want to get Qin Xa for his abilities on the tabletop or as an exquisite painting and modelling project, he’ll make an excellent addition to your White Scars army.

Qin Xa is available to pre-order now from the Forge World webstore. Grab him now to lead your White Scars to victory in the Chondax campaign and beyond.

* Some people are just ahead of their time when it comes to fashion.
** Unfortunately, he never got around to writing his autobiography, Tales of the Tails of the Dragon.

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