Forge World Preview: Pets of Necromunda

While the gangers of Necromunda may be hardened, cold-hearted killers, even they’re not immune to the charms of small critters, and more prestigious gang members are known to keep all manner of exotic pets.

This being Necromunda, such creatures are often as twisted and mutated as their owners, and more often than not, they’re employed by the gangs in their endless Turf Wars. Future Gang War supplements won’t just broaden your arsenal of weapons, armour, gadgets and gangs, but will also allow you to add these creatures to the mix.

At the Horus Heresy and Necromunda Weekender, we got a first look at what some of these might look like. Firstly, the Phyrr Cat, associated with House Escher.

Next, we got a chance to check out the bomb-rats employed by the fanatics of House Cawdor – they really will recycle anything…

Last, but far from least, we saw a hungry-looking crocodilian creature belonging to House Goliath.

We’re informed by the artist that she’s called Mabel and genuinely quite sweet once you get to know her. Provided she’s been fed.

We’ll be keeping you posted as to when you can add these critters to your gang, but in the meantime, make sure to grab the latest Gang War supplement for rules for Orlock gangs, Bounty Hunters, Hive Scum and much more…

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