Forge World Preview: The Hives of Necromunda

You may have conquered the underhive – but you’ve only just begun your journey in Necromunda – but the Palatine Hive is just the beginning. In the future, you’ll be able to travel to other hives, each replete with their own set of dangers – from the silent, corpse-choked waste grounds of Hive Mortis, to the Genestealer-infested ruins of Hive Secundus, to even Gothruls’s Needle, a rare democratic city-state in the nightmarish future of the 41st Millennium.

While these hives are still a long way off, we’re happy to share this early concept art to provide some inspiration for your next campaign! In the meantime, Gang War 2 is now on shelves near you – pick up your copy to expand your game with a new gang, Hangers-on and much more.

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