Game 1 – January 13th, 2017 – Warhammer 40,000 Showcase Game

Today on Warhammer Live from 3:30-6:00pm GMT, Andy and Harvey will be battling it out in a match featuring none other than Belisarius Cawl himself. The army lists being used can be found below – check it out over on our Twitch channel.

Andy’s Adeptus Mechanicus Army

Combined Arms Detachment

1x Belisarius Cawl (200)
3x Kataphron Destroyers ‘Servitor Clade 45-66’  (180)
3x Kataphron Destroyers, ‘Servitor Clade 54-89’ (180)

Cohort Cybernetica Formation

1x Tech-Priest Dominus ‘Salvordis’ (120)
1x Kastelan Robot Maniple ‘Battle-Clade 34-78’ (320)
1x Kastelan Robot Maniple ‘Battle-Clade 98-45’ (320)

Allied Detachment: Imperial Knights

1x Imperial Knight Paladin ‘Ser Boruc’ (375)

Allied Detachment: Agents of the Imperium (Officio Assassinorum)

1x Vindicare Assassin ‘Oroin Dirumveer’  (150)

Total – 1845 pts

Harvey’s Harlequins Army – The Orchestra of Eriad

Cegorach’s Revenge Formation

1 x  Troupe ‘The Endless Spiral’ (238)
8x Players and a Troupe Master 

1 x  Troupe ‘The Shattered Dream’ (291)
– 11x Players and a Troupe Master 

1 x  Troupe ‘The Windless Nightmare’ (208)
5x Players and a Troupe Master
– Starweaver

1x Death Jester ‘The Last Cackle’ (65)
1x Death Jester ‘The Fool of Iyanden’ (65)
1x Death Jester ‘The Prince of Ygghs’ (65)

1x Shadowseer Sylandri Veilwalker’ (105)
1x Shadowseer The Oracle of Yvres’ (120)
1x Shadowseer The Seer of Eq’hai’ (100)

1x Solitaire ‘Aod, The Spirit of the Webway’ (160)

2x Skyweavers ‘The Raptors of Hadex’ (120)

2x Skyweavers ‘The Tears of Isha’  (130)
haywire cannons 

2x Voidweavers ‘The Spears of Eldanesh’ (160)

Total – 1827

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