Gangs of Commorragh Showcase – Andy

After taking at look at how Tammy painted up converted her gang yesterday, we have another great gang to show off today. This pack of killers belongs to Citadel Background Writer Andy Clark. You can also watch some of the gameplay of Gangs of Commorragh from our showcase on Twitch last week

Andy: The Splinters of Hate are a Reaver Jetbike gang that operate out of the Ghulspiral district of Low Commorragh. Clad in sleek, faceless helms, they retain complete anonymity at all times, referring to each other by the jagged numerals inscribed upon their bikes’ stabiliser fins. None but the gang’s shadowy patron knows the identity of all of its members, while she, in turn, remains faceless to all but the highest ranking leaders of the gang.

Flying in tight formations through neon-lit veils of chemical fog, the Splinters of Hate courier virulent combat-stims and precious artefacts for their mistress. They strike at her enemies’ assets and perform targeted assassinations at her bidding, receiving in return a steady stream of narcotics, souls and other, darker pleasures of the flesh…

In terms of conversions, this gang have obviously all been modeled with matching helms, whose blank faceplates I painted using the Gemstone Paint Collection. This was actually my first experiment with them, and while I’ve refined my technique since, I was happy overall with how they came out.

There are also a few additional spikes and fins attached to reflect upgrades that my gang have earned during our campaign, while one of the gang has removed the targeting matrix from his bike’s dash – he prefers the exhilaration and bragging rights earned from eyeballing every shot himself.

You can pick Gangs of Commorragh up in shops this weekend, or go HERE and order yours online.

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