Gangs of Commorragh Showcase – Leigh

This week, we are going to be taking a look as some of the gangs the folks in the studio have built up for Gangs of Commorragh – the new boxed game of breakneck aerial combat through the spires of the Dark City we were talking about earlier this month.

They started a campaign some months back as part of the playtesting process, and have just kept playing ever since – building and growing their gangs as the campaign progresses. First up are some ghostly Hellions belonging to one of our editors, Leigh. Just seeing them makes us think of how terrifying it would be to be pursued by them as they emerge like phantoms from the smog… .   

Leigh: I wanted to show a different side to the Dark Eldar, and to explore how it’s possible to make them look menacing even with a lighter colour scheme. I also wanted to get across how, even though the Dark Eldar are piratical and anarchic, they are still a technologically advanced race. The look I was going for was a glossy-white plastic, like many real-world gadgets and smartphones, but battle-worn, blood-spattered and stained by the pollution that shrouds the upper spires of Commorragh.

White has always appealed to me as a colour for miniatures, but it can also be quite intimidating as it’s difficult to cover up mistakes. One way of getting around this is to use plenty of weathering techniques – I shouldn’t imagine anything that starts out clean and white in the 41st Millennium is going to stay that way for long! It also helps if you outline the scheme’s profile, in a similar way to blacklining, as sometimes all-white can look a bit ‘lost’ without the definition and contrast outlining provides.

Fortunately, the Citadel Paint System has some great colours to help you achieve an effective white colour scheme with little effort (hobby veterans will probably remember how, in the past, white was quite a difficult colour to get right). I started by painting the whole model with Celestra Grey (over a Corax White undercoat), before shading the entirety of the rider and the recesses of the hover board with Nuln Oil. I then heavily drybrushed the rider and layered the board along with the other flat surfaces using Ulthuan Grey. As well as being easier to work with over larger areas, light grey looks more natural than pure white, which generally should be reserved for extreme highlights and reflections.

Next, I gave the board and other bits that looked like they were made out of the same ‘hard’ material (for example, the shoulder and kneepads) a layer of ‘Ardcoat. I’m still trying to get the hang of using ‘Ardcoat well – all I can say is that I found working fairly quickly when you are applying it is best, because if you ‘worry’ the area with too many brush strokes you’ll end up with a streaky or rough finish. This certainly happened with these models in places, but it’s fine if you don’t look too close!

So far as the other details go, the skin was painted with Pallid Wych Flesh, shaded with Carroburg Crimson, then layered with more Pallid Wych Flesh, leaving the Carroburg Crimson only visible in the wrinkles and recesses. The hair is Screamer Pink, Nuln Oil, then a drybrush of Pink Horror. The designs on the boards were painted with Temple Guard Blue – if you want to apply both a gloss varnish and designs, make sure you do the designs before applying the ‘Ardcoat.

Finally, I flicked some Blood For The Blood God over the model using an old, stiff drybrush and a bit of cardboard (I used the bit of cardboard to bend back the paint-loaded bristles and then ‘flick’ it at the model). If you are using this technique, make sure you put up a splatter guard so that your desk and other models don’t get inadvertently covered in gore! One final bit of advice – you may want to cover up any parts of the model that you don’t want to get splattered with blood using some masking putty – I managed to get away without using it, but in hindsight, I would have been a bit miffed If I had gotten blood over a carefully painted eye!


There must be a lot of you out there vying for a slice of the Dark City’s skyline, as this game has proven very popular, and our online store has currently sold out. But don’t worry – we’re making more; if you haven’t pre-ordered yours already, you can pick Gangs of Commorragh up in shops this weekend, or go HERE and click on ‘Email Me’ to get a notification when they become available online again.

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