Gangs of Commorragh Showcase – Phil

After taking at look at how Leigh painted up his gang yesterday, we have another great gang to show off today. This black and orange force belongs to Phil Kelly. You can also see Phil showing off the gameplay in the Gangs of Commorragh showcase on Twitch last week

Phil: I never tire of sending my Reavers, the ‘Corespur Elite’, zooming across the battlefield some crazy amount of inches to leave any would-be pursuers in my dust. Dark Eldar Reavers consider 100 miles per hour to be rather pedestrian; so beloved are they of high-speed carnage that they have devised a way to slay their opponents at breakneck speeds.

The ‘bladevane’ manoeuvre is a favourite of mine – it allows a jetbiker to make a slash attack with the vanes of the jetbike whilst on the move. The good news is this automatically hits; the bad news is it has a lowly Kill rating of 11 or more, which is tough to achieve on a 2D6 roll. However, if you can pass the manoeuvre roll, it’s a sure bet that it will stick a damage counter on the enemy model.

Do this a couple of times and the victim will find it much more difficult to make any death-defying stunts of his own, which sets them up for a later kill. It’s a great way to tip the odds in your favour before making a strike with a blaster or heat lance.

One of my bikers has extra vanes on his bike – I added these to represent an upgrade he got in the campaign that allows him to make a turn of 60 rather than 45 degrees. They help remind me that he is every bit as manoeuvrable as his Hellion prey.
Watch out, sky-runts, your days are numbered!

There must be a lot of you out there vying for a slice of the Dark City’s skyline, as this game has proven very popular, and our online store has currently sold out. But don’t worry – we’re making more; if you haven’t pre-ordered yours already, you can pick Gangs of Commorragh up in shops this weekend, or go HERE and click on ‘Email Me’ to get a notification when they become available online again.

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