Gangs of Commorragh Showcase – Tammy

After taking at look at how Phil painted up his gang yesterday, we have another great gang to show off today. This fierce looking force belongs to Tammy, one of our graphic designers.

You can also see an example of how Gangs of Commorragh plays in the showcase that was on Twitch last week

Tammy: I created a gang of Reavers led by the wily Tetanus Bride to defend my patch of the Dark City. I decided it would be fun to allude to an allegiance between her and the Haemonculus Covens – the Brides run the combat drugs derived from their dire experiments – thus, they display the marking of their sponsors from the Hex Cabal.

I wanted to keep the paint scheme dark and gritty, but to give add some interesting elements, I added some of the tattoo markings favoured by the Dark Eldar. Most of these chaps are converted to a greater or lesser degree and all the riders have combat drug vials mounted on their backs. A pair of them sport ‘frill’ collars made from some spares from the back of the Neferata, Mortarch of Blood kit. They are twins and their ruffs are stim injectors. All the bikes have magnetised weapons which can be switched out as the gang progresses and evolves.

The Tetanus Bride herself is a more complex conversion as she carries a ‘blood bag’ on her pillion. He is a combination of Hellion legs and a Doomfire Warlock torso and head. His streaming hair does a great job of giving a sense of movement. He is magnetised as well to facilitate transport.

I also made some handy reference cards for my gang members to keep track of their progress, victories and mishaps over the course of the campaign.

There must be a lot of you out there vying for a slice of the Dark City’s skyline, as this game has proven very popular, and our online store has currently sold out. But don’t worry – we’re making more; if you haven’t pre-ordered yours already, you can pick Gangs of Commorragh up in shops this weekend, or go HERE and click on ‘Email Me’ to get a notification when they become available online again.


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