Get Ready for Chapter Approved: Campaigns

Are you ready for Chapter Approved?

Chapter Approved is your essential gaming supplement, packed with new missions, rules and even hobby tips designed to make your games of Warhammer 40,000 as awesome as they can possibly be. You’ll find the creative, experimental spirit of classic Warhammer publications like Rogue Trader and the previous incarnation of Chapter Approved, combined with the polish and streamlining you’ve come to expect from the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000. We’ll be previewing just some of what you can expect to find in your copy throughout the week, finishing today as we check out the rules for running your own campaigns

Chapter Approved allows you to explore rich, escalating narrative campaigns, providing you with a toolbox that’s a treat for any creative gamer. The main two features for campaign gamers are Planetstrike and Stronghold Assault. Both of these expansions feature unique Stratagems and Detachments, as well as special rules aimed at fast-moving warfare in the former and grinding attritional sieges in the latter.

There are 6 missions for each of these expansions; played in sequence, they make for an epic campaign showing every stage of a planetary invasion. We’ve all read these epic stories in Black Library novels like The Siege of Castellax and The Guns of Tanith, and with Chapter Approved, you’ll be able to play through them yourself. To help add a sense of progression to your games, your heroes and army will acquire special powers throughout, helping to tip the odds in their favour in the final, epic confrontation.

Not all campaigns need to be epic stories of betrayal and vengeance; they can be a great way for matched play fans to prove their superiority over their peers, too. Chapter Approved contains guidelines for running your own ladder campaigns; simple leagues that are a perfect way for gaming clubs, school groups and friends to settle perhaps the most important question to any gathering of gamers – which of us is the best at Warhammer? As you play games, you can ascend the ladder, with the winner being the person that’s holding onto the top spot at the end!

However you game, campaigns are a great way to add weight and meaning to your battles in the 41st Millennium.

There’s not much longer to wait for Chapter Approved now – remember to come back tomorrow and pre-order your copy!

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