Ghost Warriors, Overlords and Fire-born

It’s Softcover Saturday (maybe – tell us what you think of the name), and that means a load of Black Library titles hitting paperback, which is always a cause for celebration. And this week we have two novels and an omnibus, as well as a bonus MP3 audiobook!

Available in paperback for the first time is a pair of novels first released in hardback last year, one from the Dark Imperium and the other the Mortal Realms. First up is Gav Thorpe’s Ghost Warrior, the first book in his Rise of Ynnari series. Focusing on Yvraine, the emissary of the slumbering aeldari god of death, this novel sees her continue her search for the final cronesword needed to awaken Ynnead, and recruiting the aid of Iyanna Arienal, the Angel of Iyanden, as they explore a long-lost craftworld.

Meanwhile, in the Age of Sigmar, the first novel to star the Kharadron Overlords is now available in paperback. Overlords of the Iron Dragon by C L Werner follows Brokrin Ullissonn, a skyvessel captain whose luck has been, shall we say, less than spectacular. When he and his crew discover a source of potential riches, his fortunes seem to be on the rise… if he and his crew can survive the dangers that await.

Also available now is a reprint of the collected edition of Nick Kyme’s truly epic Tome of Fire series, comprising a trilogy of novels and no fewer than ten short stories. Salamanders: The Omnibus is the tale of Da’kir and Tsu’gan, two battle-brothers of the Fire-born whose destinies are entwined when their captain is killed. Beset by rivalry, and walking divergent paths in the Chapter – Da’kir explores his previously untapped psychic talents, and Tsu’gan joins the elite Firedrakes – they face all manner of peril, including an invasion of Nocturne itself, as they are drawn back together for one last conflict.

Last, but by no means least, we’re aware that more than a few of you have been patiently waiting for the first book in the Space Marine Conquests series to make the leap to audio. Well, wait no more – the unabridged MP3 of The Devastation of Baal is out now! Every single one of Guy Haley’s words is in there, read by Gareth Armstrong across nearly 14 hours of Blood Angels vs tyranids action. You can download it right now from the Black Library website (along with the eBooks of all the paperbacks out today), or directly to your iOS and Android devices with the Black Library Audio app.

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