Gunslingers and Walking Tanks

New from Forge World today, we have reinforcements for the armies of the Space Marines Legions.

Pistols at Dawn

The Legion Moritats are the loners of the Legions. Toting twin pistol combos, these rapid-fire gunslingers can blast their way through whole squads in a single salvo. The miniatures come wielding one of two very effective weapon combinations, either twin plasma pistols – great for killing Space Marines, Terminators and even light vehicle squadrons – or twin volkites serpenta, for deflagrating light infantry formations with ease.

If you’re thinking of including one of these guys in your force, it’s well worth fielding them alongside a squad of Destroyers (the only warriors willing to go to war alongside these unorthodox characters).

Iron Within!

The Tyrant Siege Terminators are unique to the armies of the Iron Warriors. Designed for the most punishing siege battles, these guys are walking arsenals of firepower – combining near-impenetrable defence with the most devastating Terminator-portable weapons available, and a power fist to discourage enemy assaults and smash down the walls of enemy fortifications.

Both of these new units are available to pre-order now:

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