Hall of Fame: Now Better than Ever

In this month’s White Dwarf, Hall of Fame – a long-running favourite – gets a bit of a makeover to make it more in-depth and inspirational than ever before. If you haven’t already checked out the March issue of White Dwarf and the new-look Hall of Fame, here’s a preview of the article telling you all about what’s changed and why.

Hall of Fame has been a regular feature of White Dwarf since 2009, and over 60 models have been inducted into the Hall in that time. We felt it was high time to bring it back into the magazine on a more regular basis, and also bring it bang up to date. So we asked ourselves, how could we improve upon such a popular and long-running feature?

Well, what we realised was that there are all sorts of reasons why miniatures have been nominated for the Hall of Fame over the years – some were chosen as personal favourites, others for their technical accomplishments and yet others because of how enjoyable they are to paint. What we realised was that underlying all of these was one common theme – there was something that made each of these miniatures great. So, we took this as our starting point – what makes a great Citadel miniature, in the eyes of those who know our miniatures best? What are those aspects that really bring a miniature to life? So, for this new incarnation of Hall of Fame, that’s where we start – we ask our chosen nominator what makes a great Citadel miniature, and then let them pick the miniature they believe epitomises that very thing and so deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame.

This month, it’s miniatures design manager Ben Jefferson, and you can read what Ben had to say about what makes a great Citadel miniature – and see his pick for the Hall of Fame – in the March issue of White Dwarf, out now.

You can get the March issue of White Dwarf now from your local Warhammer or Games Workshop store, you can order a copy from the Games Workshop webstore, or you can download the White Dwarf app for iOS and Android devices and read it digitally.

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