Heroes of the Red Scorpions

The Red Scorpions are a fascinating Space Marines Chapter. Developed by Forge World across multiple Imperial Armour books over the years, they’ve gone from an obscure Chapter mentioned in accounts of the Badab War to a fully-realised – and unique – Chapter, complete with triumphs and tragedies, notable battles and storied heroes – including some new ones you can now get your hands on from Forge World.

Today sees the release of no fewer than three heroes of the Red Scorpions. The first is an old face in a shiny new suit – well, less of a suit and more of a nigh-impenetrable walking war machine. Former Company Captain and Chapter Master, Carab Culln the Risen is the new incarnation of the Red Scorpions’ most notable hero, interred in the mighty form of a Leviathan Dreadnought.

This towering figure is made up of 39 resin components, including twin-linked assault cannons for devastating enemy infantry, a trio of hunter-killer missiles to blow up tanks, and a mighty claw designed to give Culln the edge against enemy walkers. And if all this killing power wasn’t enough, he’s an HQ choice in a Red Scorpions force, so you can even have him at the head of your army (maybe a Vanguard detachment made up of all Dreadnoughts…).

The model comes packaged in a Warhammer 40,000 Character Series box, and you can download his rules right here.

If you’d prefer to have your Red Scorpions led by Space Marines not in towering Dreadnought shells, Casan Sabius and Sirae Karagon – Regents of the Ordon Rift may be for you.

Leading the Chapter in the wake of Culln’s interment, Sabius and Karagon are a formidable duo. Lord Regent Casan Sabius is a renowned strategist and master swordsman, and his model reflects both his position, being covered in detailed battle honours, and his skill at arms, as he stands with his blade ready and pistol aimed.

Sirae Karagon is the perfect counterpart to Sabius, holding the Chapter’s most sacred banner – the Vexilla Imperialis – aloft in one hand, sword ready in the other to defend both the banner and Lord Regent. The kit for the pair comes in 14 resin parts, including a detailed display base for them to stand on when they’re not leading the Red Scorpions to war. Like Culln, they come in a Warhammer 40,000 Character Series box, and have rules available to download.

Both Culln the Risen and the Regents of the Ordon Rift are available to pre-order from Forge World now.

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