Hired Guns and Knightly Icons

There comes a time for every Necromunda gang where even your best and most skilled gangers just aren’t enough for the task at hand. You need more muscle. You need hired guns. You need the new set of three models available to order from Forge World right now. This pack contains a bounty hunter – a seasoned warrior who hunts the deadliest outlaws – and two hive scum, rogues and mercenaries who will do anything for a few credits.

The bounty hunter looks like she may have belonged to House Escher before going it alone. She hides her features behind a headscarf and is modelled pulling a pistol from her holster while she swings her stiletto blade. The pack also contains rules to use the model as Yolanda Skorn, a Dramatis Personae famed throughout the underhive.

The two hive scum – who can also be used to represent the infamous Mad Dog and Grub – are a motley pair. Mad Dog wears scraps of armour and an intriguing mask, and is armed with a stubber and deadly-looking glaive. Grub, by contrast, is a hunched figure with a wild beard, wielding a shotgun and knife.

All three of these hired guns can be used by any Necromunda gang, and the pack is available to pre-order now.

Also available for pre-order from Forge World today is the House Vyronii Transfer Sheet. Containing hundreds of symbols for one of the oldest knightly houses in Segmentum Obscurus – ranging from massive shoulder icons to tiny hazard markings – this is perfect if you want to customise your Imperial Knights.

You can pre-order the sheet, along with the Necromunda hired guns, now from the Forge World webstore.

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