Horus Heresy Faction Focus – The Night Lords

The Night Lords, the VIII Legion, are the true masters of terror and punishment. With the release of The Horus Heresy Book Nine – Crusade, they will be getting even more ways to spread fear and dread through enemy ranks. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the new terror tricks that they’re receiving.

The Night Lords were the outriders of the Warmaster’s rebellion, running ahead of his main host, spreading fear and unrest on those worlds yet to decide on their loyalties. Whole systems would raise the Warmaster’s banner, rather than risk the horrors dished out to those who refused. Their bloody siege of Thramas itself saw the planet dubbed The Grave of Heroes, and when the Dark Angels arrived, the bitter battles between the Legions would see no quarter given.

As with all of their brother Legions, the Night Lords have a range of specific abilities that give them the feel of cold-blooded murderers on the tabletop. They don’t like a fair fight, but give them an unfair advantage and they excel.

The Night Lords can also carry weaponry that is unique to the Legion, such as the absolutely brutal Nostraman chainglaive.

You’ll be chopping a fair few loyalists with those. Crusade also introduces some new Rites of War for the Night Lords, taking them up to a total of four. The Cross of Bone makes your Characters better in combat when they aren’t distracted by squabbling with any of their peers with an effect called The Strong are Strongest Alone.

But it comes with limitations, including The Rampant Blade, which means that you have to consolidate towards the nearest enemy unit.

Of course, there may be times when you WANT to consolidate towards the nearest enemy unit. Such as if you’re fielding the new Contekar Terminator Elite squad.

When you need to dial up the terror and destruction to abject despair and devastation, send for these Terminators.

Each one wields a heavy flamer as standard, but any member of the squad can replace this with a volkite cavitor for when they need something even deadlier.

If you’re looking for a character to accompany the Contekar Terminators, Crusade offers additional options to your Night Lords forces, such as Kheron Ophion. As with all Space Marines, the Captain of the 39th Company can more than hold his own in battle.

Unlike most within his Legion, he still maintained a certain martial pride, which led to him receiving the ironic nickname “The Coward.” He just brushes off their insults in the same way he brushes off enemy fire.

The Horus Heresy Book Nine – Crusade also features reprints of the rules for the Night Lords units seen in previous campaign books, such as the Night Raptors and Konrad Curze himself. This means you’ll have everything handily in one place!

If you like to use fear and cruelty as weapons in themselves, then the new Night Lords rules and units in The Horus Heresy Book Nine – Crusade will be perfect for you. The book is available to pre-order from Friday. Make sure you pick up Konrad Curze so that you have someone to lead your campaign of terror.

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