Horus Heresy Lords of War – Top 5

Greg Dann of the Imperial Truth podcast joins us once again, this time to talk about his top picks for Lords of War units in Horus Heresy armies. Take a look and see what your next big project might be… 

Greg: Some of the most impressive units in the Age of Darkness can be found in Lord of War allocations. From Titans to wings of supporting aircraft, there’s a huge variety both in form and function. I’ve managed to pare these down to my personal top five choices. 

I decided to leave out Primarchs, as I feel they deserve their own thing, and I wanted to make a special note for the Warlord Titan. It would have been so easy to make it the number one, because it’s the biggest and baddest out there, but at the regular points levels played it would be an army in itself, if it could be fielded at all. The Warlord holds a special place for me, but it isn’t on this list. 

5 – Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

In the earlier days of Age of Darkness gaming, the Typhon held a claim to be, point for point, the top dog of destruction. Seen a little less often now, thanks to a few rules and points adjustments, not to mention the release of many other awesome tanks, they remain a threat to almost any unit placed on the board. Just try to ignore a Strength 10, AP 1, 7” Blast that pays no attention to cover. A Typhon Heavy Siege Tank cares not that you’re Toughness 5, have 3 Wounds, are protected by Artificer Armour and standing in the cover of a ruin.

4 – Acastus Knight Porphyrion

It was clear to me that I had to include one Knight on this list, but deciding which one wasn’t as straightforward as you might think. The Lancer was a strong contender for its battlefield role of pushing the enemy back and helping to control the midfield, the Castigator’s deflagrating sword also pushed hard – it’s just so cool… 

In the end, I settled on the Porphyrion, because there’s something about its size and structure that’s really imposing, and the rules do nothing to dispel that image. Offensively, it may not be able to take the Strength D weapons that a Warhound Titan packs, but twin-linked magma lascannons are nearly as good, and defensively, the ion shield can be more reliably effective than void shields.

And did I mention how impressive it is? It was one of those models that I knew I was going to buy as soon as I saw the previews of it, and it has pride of place in my collection.

3 – Marauder Destroyer

Quite a common story amongst gamers is that one model you’ve always wanted to own, and for whatever reason haven’t got around to buying. For me, that model is the Marauder Destroyer. I think it’s one of Forge World’s best designs, glorious in its flying fortress stylings and impressive size – it’s a classic.

The Marauder Destroyer is the only Flyer I’ve chosen for this list. In addition to their influence on your tabletop effectiveness, I find that Flyers have the ability to expand the story of an army. Even more than Titans, they show the greater forces in play during the Age of Darkness, the support elements that allow worlds or systems to be taken and the branches of the military that combine to wage war on an apocalyptic scale. 

 2 – Legion Glaive

If I had to choose one weapon type that personifies the Horus Heresy, volkites would top the list. What’s more Age of Darkness than firing a beam of thermal energy which can cause a target to explosively combust and take out nearby targets? But why stop there when you can turn it up to 11 by mounting a huge volkite turret on a Super-Heavy chassis? That beam hits everything in a 48” long, 1” wide line, ignoring cover! If you want to remove handfuls of infantry at a time, a Glaive will get you there. It’s also got a decent chance of removing any light vehicles that lie in the path of the shot for good measure. You don’t mess around when you’re staring down a volkite carronade.

1 – Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport

Blunt, brutal and uncompromising. Even during the (slightly) more glorious and hopeful age of the Great Crusade, the Imperium of Man was all three of these. From the Thunderhawk to the Spartan, there are plenty of vehicles that typify these traits, but the Mastodon screams them in a throaty roar. 

The job of the Mastodon is pretty simple – deliver lethal cargo where it needs to be. Paying 700 points minimum to do that is a pretty steep price, but then it does the job better than any other tank. Packing 10 Hull Points, equipped with Void Shields and boasting armour 14 all around, this thing is tough. Even if it somehow does get taken down, there’s a chance that it will become a ruin rather than blowing up, so even in death it can still protect the vital post-human murder squads inside it! It also has a Siege Melta Array which will liquefy most things in its path. Of course, you don’t bring a Mastodon for its damage potential. 

Is there anything more Warhammer than driving a mobile fortification into the guts of the enemy and unleashing up to 40 troops to finish the job up close and personal? On top of all this, the model carries a sense of brutal beauty. You can keep your curves and smooth lines – give me a huge chunk of angled resin, form determined by function.

With so many choices, narrowing it down to five must-have required some effort. We have to admit, there’s some great stuff in this list! Was your favourite left off? Head to the Forge World Facebook page and let us know what you think in the comments.

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