Horus Heresy: The Deadliest Ground

Battles in the Age of Darkness don’t always take place on the surface of planets. Brutal conflicts also happen deep within spacecraft or in underground bunkers where sightlines are restricted and the emphasis is on close quarters combat. Now you can recreate these engagements with new Zone Mortalis rules for The Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness.

Of course, what would go better with new rules than new terrain? This weekend sees the release of the Zone Mortalis Floor Tile Set, as well as Necromunda: Dark Uprising, which includes so much terrain that you might need to call in a Stormbird to get the box home.

While the combination of kits is designed to represent a lightless underhive, they could easily be used to create tangled mines, prison vaults of fortress-citadels or sacred catacombs for the Horus Heresy era.

You can use the Zone Mortalis terrain in two ways in your games. The easiest is to incorporate a designated area into a regular game – this could represent a command bunker or similar location that contains special objectives. The second option is to use the Zone Mortalis rules in missions of their own, where the entire gaming table is made up of the deadly and close-packed Zone Mortalis terrain.

As well as the core rules for using Zone Mortalis scenery, there are optional special rules, including the Catastrophic Damage – Buried Alive! table which represents the danger of bringing the whole roof down on yourselves. Will you be lucky and only suffer a Dust Fall or will a Quake decimate your forces?

There are also two new missions – Assault features one army desperately trying to sabotage vital systems deep within the Zone Mortalis while Encounter represents two hostile forces advancing through unknown ground. All of this, and more, is available to download now:

Download the new rules and add a new dimension to your games of The Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness. Why not recreate the Space Wolves storming the Vengeful Spirit and see how Leman Russ fares against Horus?*

* Read what happened when Russ and Horus squared up in Guy Haley’s awesome book Wolfsbane.

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