Imperial Fury vs Xenos Horror

This week’s Black Library release is only a single novel, but what a novel it is! Last year, Robbie MacNiven explored the Carcharodons, a mysterious Space Marines Chapter with a reputation for brutality, as they battled the Night Lords in Carcharodons: Red Tithe. Now, they’re back, and their fury is pointed in a very different direction as they defend an Imperial world from the alien monstrosities of the tyranids.

It’s an interesting look at a different side of the terrifying Carcharodons. They are usually depicted as butchers and killers, so seeing them forced into a defensive position and tasked with keeping civilians safe shows them in a very different light. Can they restrain their bloodthirsty urges, or will they be as dangerous to their allies as the xenos are? You know there’s only one way to find out… well, two, as you can pre-order the hardback of Carcharodons: Outer Dark, which will be despatched next week, or download the eBook to start reading right now.

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