Independent event news – Warzone: Atlanta

Warzone: Atlanta is one of the fastest growing independent Warhammer 40,000 tournaments in the US, and has quickly become a staple of the American tournament scene. We caught up with organiser Paul Murphy to hear what players can look forward to.

Paul: Hey guys. This is Paul checking in from the Forge The Narrative podcast. I hope you are prepared for the biggest party in Warhammer 40,000!

Warzone: Atlanta is a unique tournament experience in the United States, and back for a third year. Last year this event sold out in a matter of hours, and hopefully it’s on your radar!

Who: You

What: 2,000 point, five round Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament

When: November 10th to 12th

Where: Georgia, United States

What makes this event awesome? There are four winners of the main event. Each of the top four prizes cover all aspects of the hobby and are equally revered as tournament champions. We reward Best Sport, Best General, Best Hobby and Best Combined Score. In addition to the top spots we have prizes rewarding group champions, ranks within the top prizes and player-driven bounties!

What are the bounties? That’s up to the players and sponsors. We have a unique bounty board where rewards are posted based on things that can happen in any game going down at the tournament. Rewards span from a free beverage to Forge World models – that’s completely up to the person posting the bounty.

If you didn’t know, Warzone: Atlanta boasts tableside drink service – you don’t have to leave your table for a refill. Lunch on both the Saturday and Sunday of the event is also included with the ticket purchase. It is really cool to see gamers from different parts of the country and different gaming groups sitting down together between rounds.

There is an impressive 4 feet of space between every side of every table… Playing Hammer and Anvil? No problem. Do you want to walk to the other side of the table to deploy or check line of sight? We have you covered. This all rolls into the ‘first class affair’ we’ve always built the event to be.

There is an incredible sense of community at Warzone: Atlanta, largely due to the commitment to this hobby by the two event organisers: Forge The Narrative and The General Staff. Every round gets played at the event, and everyone’s smiling at the end. It’s a rewarding experience and we’re happy to bring this back year after year. We get to give out tons of prizes and enjoy many beverages (responsibly).

In addition to the main event we also have several side events firing off on Friday night. This year we’ll have an Apocalypse game and a three person Warhammer 40,000 Team Event. We’ll be rolling dice for three days straight. More events to be added soon!

Thanks Paul. Tickets are now sold out, so congratulations if you managed to snag yours! If you’d like to see more of what the event is like, check out Paul’s report on last year’s tournament.

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