Inferno is here!

The hugely anticipated Book Seven in the Horus Heresy series from Forge World is now available to order.

Featuring the epic saga of the Space Wolves’ attack on the Thousand Sons’ home world of Prospero and the scouring of the city of Tizca, this book focuses on one of the defining battles of the age. This huge book is pretty much a must-have for anyone wanting to collect or play with any of the factions involved.

The background section is, of course, thematically illustrated and in-depth. We see the build up to the attack, as well as the assault on Prospero itself, from a new Imperial perspective. Even those of you up to date on your Black Library fiction will learn a few new things. Also explored in huge detail are the forces of the three main factions in the book, as well as some of the less well known – but no less deadly – participants, such as the almost unequaled battlefield might of psychic Titans.

The Talons of the Emperor have full rules in this book, covering the forces of the Legio Custodes and the Sisters of Silence, while the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons rules are expansions on the core Legion rules in ‘Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army Lists’ but with some pretty major amends, as you’d expect from these two most unusual Legions.

Sound great? We agree.

Order it here.

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