Inferno Revealed!

That’s right folks, feast your eyes on the cover of The Horus Heresy: Book Seven – Inferno.

Arguably the most anticipated Forge World book since the launch of our Horus Heresy supplements, Inferno is the campaign book that chronicles the epic battle of Prospero.

This is the saga of the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons Legions – two loyal(ish) Legions set upon each other by the machinations of Chaos and the traitorous Warmaster. It is one of the greatest tragedies of the era, but for Horus Heresy fans, one of the most awesome opportunities for games!

As you’d expect, there are loads of new rules for Space Wolves and Thousand Sons armies – both of which can deviate quite considerably from the standard Space Marine Legion force. It’s not just the VI and XV Legions in the book though – also covered are the Talons of the Emperor: the Sisters of Silence and Legio Custodes. Even in an age of superhuman demi-gods, this force is elite, with access to loads of great vehicle support for their unequaled infantry.

All in – it’s looking great, it’s going to be awesome, and it’s on its way very soon.

If you’re thinking of starting a force from either Legion, or the Talons of the Emperor, then you can’t do much better than the Burning of Prospero box – and maybe a few Thousand Sons or Space Wolves shoulder pads. Oh, and one of those new golden Dreadnoughts. And Russ. And a Spartan. There you go – army finished, now you just need the book.

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