Inspired by the Outer Dark

There are few things Black Library authors like more than seeing eager and talented hobbyists bring characters and scenes from their books to life. Whether it’s a carefully converted hero model, an entire army or an artfully crafted diorama, it’s always a pleasure. And so when Robbie MacNiven saw an incredible diorama based on his novel Carcharodons: Outer Dark, he shared it with us so we could bring it to you all. Here’s Robbie:

Robbie: Seyni N’diaye, who created an awesome diorama for Red Tithe last year, got in touch with me a few months ago saying he was thinking about doing a diorama featuring a Carcharodons Astra Dreadnought, and asking whether I had any ideas about what else to include. It just so happened that I’d not long finished writing Red Tithe‘s sequel, Outer Dark, which included a prominent scene featuring a Carcharodons Dreadnought kicking butt and taking names.

I already knew the level of Seyni’s skill, but I think he really surpassed even his own high standards on this project. The dynamic, deadly motion he’s added to something as traditionally static as a Dreadnought not only looks great but is really inspiring when it comes to writing future scenes involving them. The conversion work is also brilliant, blending with the original model while really capturing the flavour of the Chapter. It’s a reminder that while some people treat the miniature and the writing aspects of the hobby separately, when brought together they really do complement each other from the page to the tabletop.

I think it’s safe to say we’ll see more of this particular Wandering Ancestor in the future, hopefully in both print and miniature form!

Sounds like Robbie is as inspired by Seyni’s work as the other way around – who knows what that could lead to? If you want to read the battle scene that formed the basis of Seyni’s diorama, you can pick up Carcharodons: Outer Dark now in hardback and eBook formats from the Black Library website. And if you have any conversions based on Black Library characters and scenes, post them on our Facebook page – we’d love to see them!

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