Into the Ruinstorm, with David Annandale

Today sees the release of a new Horus Heresy novel, bringing the Imperium Secundus storyline to a definitive close, and speeding three (or perhaps four…) primarchs on their path towards their destinies. ‘Ruinstorm’ is by David Annandale and here is the man himself to tell you about it:

David: “The Ruinstorm is the barrier that prevents the Legions loyal to the Emperor from navigating the warp. It blots out the Astronomican and conceals even the mere existence of Terra. In order to reach the Throneworld, Sanguinius, Guilliman and the Lion must defeat the Ruinstorm. But the Ruinstorm is not just a barrier. It is an incredibly powerful force of Chaos, and in the novel, I set out to explore the different ways it wages war on the forces of the Emperor. It represents ruin for each of the characters. Every primarch, in turn, is visited by temptation, by an attack that hits him at his weak points.

The Ruinstorm also has a dreadful impact on the galaxy far beyond tactical considerations. It has been raging for years now, causing terrible damage to the materium. It is reshaping the reality of the galaxy, and the beings that use it are not just the Legions allied with Horus. There are other, far older entities who will take advantage of the Ruinstorm.

So what happens to the galaxy when reality itself comes under attack? If you are one of the unfortunate billions living on a planet that suffers the depredations of the Ruinstorm or the thing that moves within it, then any number of phantasmagorical cataclysms will fall upon you.

How many refugees from the storm must there be? A mere fraction, perhaps, fewer than one might think, because how many survivors can there be from any given world? And yet some might well survive to spread the word of the terrors they saw, and in so doing spread the influence of Chaos even further.

And what would reality look like? This is the force of nightmare itself. The laws of physics will melt away. The impossible will become the new norm.

For the primarchs who must confront the Ruinstorm, this reshaped reality is, on the one hand, yet another attack. It is something that they must defeat in one way or another. It is also a warning. If they fail, if Chaos should reign supreme, this is what the galaxy would become. The primarchs are indisputably powerful. They are superhuman. They are capable of the most extraordinary feats. But they are still human. It is their mistakes, their blindness, their weak spots that helped create the catastrophe in the first place.

Sanguinius, Guilliman and the Lion have just been through a lot that both united and divided them, and now they are united and divided again. Though they have a common purpose, they also have their secrets and their private curses. Guilliman was the prime mover behind the Imperium Secundus, and he has not forgiven himself for this heretical act. Sanguinius hasn’t forgiven himself either. He sees his sin as the greatest because he consented to become the false Emperor. And the Lion is a man of secrets. He keeps them for what he believes to be good reasons. But good reasons have already led more than one primarch to damnation. And then, of course, there’s Curze. Even as a prisoner, it should be a delight for him, insofar as anything can be, to see the torment his brothers are undergoing.

But here is the insidious nature of the Ruinstorm, and of the enemy within it. Everyone will face ruin. Everyone has a doom tailored specifically to them. Curze is no exception. What doom might await beings like Curze and Sanguinius, who already know their ultimate fates? What could tempt one, and what could horrify the other?

I hope I came up with suitably dark answers.”

Thank you, David. If that whetted your appetite for the primarchs’ journey into darkness and Chaos, you can order ‘Ruinstorm’ right now. It’s available in hardback, eBook and MP audiobook editions, and the latter two can be downloaded right away so you can delve into the story and start your own journey through the Ruinstorm immediately. Check out the options on, iBooks, Amazon UK and the Black Library audio app. If you get the hardback and would like to get it signed, David will be at the Black Library Weekender in November, and tickets are still available – pick yours up now!

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