Iron guardians of Tizca – The Castellax-Achea

Even at their height, there were never as many warriors in the Thousand Sons as there were in other Legions.

Because of this, they often made use of automata auxiliaries to bolster their ranks and absorb the worst of the enemy’s fire. They even developed a unique type of battle-automata, the Castellax-Achea, which can be directed, not by crude data transfer and machine code, but psychically, by the sorcerer-warriors of the Legion.

Castellax-Achea Battle-automata are recognisably machines of the Martian forge worlds, but they also bear the iconography of Prospero and the XV Legion. For those of us who know the eventual fate of the Thousand Sons, these animated soldiers foreshadow a grim future indeed for the warriors of Prospero, though none in the age of the Great Crusade or the Horus Heresy would know it.

For those of you with a Legion force of Thousand Sons, the Castellax-Achea allow you to add in battle-automata support for your army without needing the usual characters and items to command them – any Psyker Character in your force can direct them (which can be almost anyone, thanks to the Thousand Sons Legion rules.)

There are a couple of configurations are available to order today – one with an infantry-shredding Mauler Pattern Bolt cannon and one with a terrain-clearing Aether-flame Cannon.

Order them both here:

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