Join Forces with the Agents of the Imperium

Codex: Imperial Agents will soon be in the hands of the masses (that’s you), so we requisitioned some words from the Commissariat on how best to make use of this new tome. They sent along scrivener extraordinaire Phil Kelly to show us the impact it’s had on his army. 


Phil: My Astra Militarum force (a grizzled, bearded host of conversions) has enough ranged punch to deal with most threats. Good old-fashioned plasma guns and lascannons can even take out Imperial Knights if used in the right way. Unfortunately, even when the lads fix bayonets, they can’t fight their way through a rain-sodden copy of the Regimental Standard.

Enter Codex: Imperial Agents.


With the simple addition of some Imperial Assassins, I have access to a deadly team of anti-heroes (in both senses of the term). These guys can stack the odds in my favour in a number of ways. The three of them are insanely good at slicing and dicing. And as a bonus, I can get extra Victory Points when they take out the enemy Warlord. Then, when things seem the bleakest, the Legion of the Damned arrive to lend their aid to the forces of the Imperium. Their Command Ability ensures that they arrive exactly when they’re needed most.

Early game, my Callidus allows me to re-roll Seize the Initiative, and my opponent gets a huge penalty to his first Reserve roll. Better yet, I get a way to tie down a vulnerable enemy unit in close combat, buying the shooty elements of my force more time to operate. I’ve seen these femme fatales go through whole units on their own.


Whilst the Callidus pins a critical enemy, the Eversor moves through dense terrain, skulking menacingly until the time is right to launch a one-man counter-attack at anything nearing my gun line. When he does charge in, this nutter becomes a whirlwind of destruction. Even in death he can take out a swathe of bad guys with his bio-meltdown ability – I love seeing him go out in a blaze of glory.


The Culexus is a little more subtle – best used against psykers, I try to keep him away from my own psychic cadre, instead using him to reinforce the Eversor or Callidus if the battle is turning against them. His job is to kill any dabblers in the occult that might come against me – and with so many Thousand Sons around the place, that’s a likely prospect – a Culexus can even shut down Magnus the Red with a little luck. If he does his job he also ensures my own psykers have mastery over the spell-flinging business. Due to his ghostly etherium, he’s extremely difficult to kill.


One of the great things about the Legion of the Damned is that their flaming projectiles excel at sweeping enemies out of cover. In addition, their stronger saves and the precision of their Deep Striking (thanks to the Spectral Host Command Ability and Aid Unlooked For special rule) makes them ideal to clear the way to an objective, so the rest of the Astra Militarum forces can come up to claim it unhindered.


These extra units have breathed new life into my Astra Militarum collection and proved tremendous fun – I urge any loyalist player reading this to have a look through the Imperial Agents book and see if any new recruits spring out at you. There’s so much goodness in there I’m sure something will appeal – and may be the beginning of a whole faction in its own right!


From the neighbouring planet to Fenris come the Midgardia 144th; on campaign at the time of their homeworld’s destruction, they have since sworn bloody revenge upon the Magnus and his sons.


Company Command Squad Graegor (60)

Led by Company Commander Gerundad J. Graegor with bolt pistol (1), melta bombs (5)
4 veterans with plasma guns (60)
Officer of the Fleet Lexington, laspistol (20)
…in Chimera ‘Midgardia’s Claw’ 

Nikolai Santus
Primaris Psyker (50)


The Migraines
5 Wyrdvane Psykers



Command Squad Gerrick (30)
Platoon Commander Jarodd Gerrick, autocannon (10)

Squad Heimsteig (50)
10 Imperial Guard inc flamer (5) and lascannon (20)

Squad Samsteig (50)
10 Imperial Guard inc flamer (5) and lascannon (20)

Squad Untersteig (50)
10 Imperial Guard inc flamer (5) and lascannon (20)

Squad Malvurf (60)
20 Conscripts

The Soddren Grenadiers
10 veterans (60) with Grenadier doctrine (carapace armour), vox-caster (5), three melta guns (30)


Valkyrie Assault Carrier (125) ‘Sleipnir’
With lascannon (10)

Armoured Sentinel Squadron ‘Godspear’
3 Armoured Sentinels with plasma cannons (120+30), searchlights (3)


Leman Russ Battle Tank (150) ‘Fellclaw’ 


Lenxa (145)
1 Callidus Assassin

Orpheon (140)
1 Culexus Assassin

The Black Gheist (135)
1 Eversor Assassin


Damned Legionnaires
1 Heavy Flamer (10), 1 Power Sword (15)


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