Kelly Paints Magnus

We’ve showcased Kelly Freiborg’s work before when she painted Alarielle


…and when she started her new Death army.


Recently, we may have interrupted progress on the Death army a little bit when we sent her a Magnus the Red model to paint for us. Magnus is such an imposing centrepiece model, we just had to see what Kelly would make of him. He’s not quite finished yet, but as you can see below, he’s coming along nicely, and we can’t wait to see the final version. Here are a few words from Kelly on how she is tackling this project:

“As soon as I first saw the Magnus model, I was excited to get a hold of it and start painting. As usual, I looked up what artwork had been done to find varying perspectives on how he could look. I really liked John Blanche’s take on Magnus and used his work as a starting point for the scheme on my model.
I also took into consideration how the scheme for this model could inform a Thousand Sons army. I decided on muted red skin with various blues and dark bronze armor.


I began painting, and after starting the armor, I got the idea that it would look cool if I made the bird heads on it look like living flesh forming out of the armor rather than part of the armor itself. [Editor’s note: It DOES look cool, Kelly!]
Other ideas I came up with were adding a freehand texture rather than a graphic to his cloth bits and making his horns a ram-like texture. I built up the base to look like harsh lava rock in a frozen landscape, and I made the rocks a mix of purple and blue to relate to the color on the model.”



That’s looking great so far, and we’ll be sure to show you when he’s finished.

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