Kids Chapter Challenge: A Warhammer Adventure

Warhammer can be a hobby for everyone. Black Library’s Warhammer Adventures books are a great way to introduce younger enthusiasts to the joys of Warhammer, and Ben from YouTube’s Watch It Paint channel came up with a #KidsChapterChallenge activity to get his young daughter involved. Read on to find out more.

Ben: Hey everyone. I had my first child four years ago and looked for a new hobby that I could do at home, one which could be picked up and put down every time I had to ‘dad’. 

I quickly became a huge fan of painting and miniatures games, but an even bigger fan of spending time with my daughter, Sophie. When she levelled up to three years old, we discovered she was able to participate in my miniatures painting, but as the months rolled on she would occasionally get frustrated with not being able to paint models as accurately as she would like. At the same time, her colouring skills have come on leaps and bounds, and when I discovered Warhammer Community’s Space Marine template, designed to help you create your own Space Marine Chapter, I rushed upstairs and printed out a copy straight away. 

Showing the blank canvas to Sophie, I could already see the excitement in her eyes, and she didn’t even understand what it was yet… I explained to her that she could colour this template in any way she liked, and daddy would paint a Space Marine to her exact specification. Instantly, she ran to grab her colouring pens and got straight to work. 

We spent the next half hour laughing and joking, and talking about her Chapter as she designed it. She’s never managed to colour in for so long before, but I could tell how thrilled she was by the concentration on her face, and her commitment to get it done in one sitting. It was lovely to watch and to hear how she thought this Chapter came into existence and their beliefs. 

Once her design was complete, I got to work painting up a Space Marine model. Normally I sit alone in my office painting, but on this occasion, I’d get Sophie popping in with joy on her face to ask “How is it going?”, and “Is it done yet?” This was a very welcome treat in a normally solitary part of the Warhammer hobby. Equally, I could tell how much fun I was having as I didn’t take any breaks and sat solidly for three hours until my mission was complete. 

The next day, I showed Sophie our completed Space Marine. Her quiet, jaw-dropping “Wow!” was better than any painting competition prize. What a lovely weekend we had, and now, two weeks later, she is still reminding me of this and asking when we can do it again, or if she can do it with her (as yet unborn) brother when he’s older! It’s a great activity to add to our arsenal of weekend fun, and I have no doubt we’ll do this from time to time in the future. I highly recommend you join the #KidsChapterChallenge and get your kids creating Chapters for you to paint up.*

I look forward to watching Sophie improve her painting skills, and making armies together. In the meantime, we’ve picked up the Warhammer Adventures books to learn some of the lore while enjoying bedtime stories!

If you want to join Ben and Sophie in the #KidsChapterChallenge you can download the template here. You can also pick up the Warhammer Adventures audiobooks – with both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar fiction available – from the Black Library Audio app, and see the heroes of the stories in action in a series of short animated adventures!

* And let us see their creations on Twitter using the #WarhammerCommunity hashtag!

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