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Welcome to Mission Report – your monthly go-to article dedicated to all things Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team! Over the coming months, you can look forward to tacticas, narrative missions, previews of future content, and more besides! In this inaugural instalment, we’re taking a look at the Adepta Sororitas rules that feature in the Kill Team Annual 2019 and providing some advice for fielding them in your games. So once you’ve offered up your final benedictions to the God-Emperor, let’s get cracking!

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Adepta Sororitas Kill Teams

One of the first things to consider when first mustering a kill team of the Adepta Sororitas is their relatively low cost for the quality of the models. For example, a mere 9 points gets you a Battle Sister clad in power armour and armed with a boltgun – an absolute bargain for bulking out your kill team, especially as they come with an invulnerable save by virtue of their Shield of Faith ability.

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Supplement some boltgun-wielding Battle Sisters with a Gunner or two equipped with a (heavy) flamer or meltagun, and you’ll have a solid combination of reliable firepower at your disposal. Yet the ability to readily gun down any enemy they face is far from the only trick open to Adepta Sororitas kill teams – they also have access to two of the hardest-hitting models in the game in the form of Arco-flagellants and Sisters Repentia.

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They may not wear any form of armour, but they can both re-roll their failed hit rolls on turns in which they charge and can ignore any wounds they suffer on a roll of 5+.* They also wield some brutal weaponry in the Attack-multiplying flails of the Arco-flagellants and the murderously powerful eviscerators borne by the Sisters Repentia.

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If you’re faced with a tough enemy Commander, you can even augment your Repentia of choice with the Eviscerating Blow Tactic for a potential 6 Damage, or 9 if you upgraded her to a Combat specialist for an extra Attack – hint: you should totally do this! You’ll soon be giving praise to the God-Emperor when your humble Repentia cuts down your opponent’s prize Commander in a swirling maelstrom of gore!

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Adepta Sororitas Commanders

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More so than many other factions in the game, the effectiveness of the Commanders available to the Adepta Sororitas depends a lot on the other warriors you prefer to use. If you favour the (much) more aggressive approach of multiple Sisters Repentia, a Repentia Superior is a virtual no-brainer thanks to her Driven Onwards ability. And no, it’s not even an Aura Tactic but a standard ability!

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A Canoness, meanwhile, is a solid all-rounder whose flexible range of equipment can be tailored to complement whatever combination of other specialists and warriors you plan on using.

Speaking of specialists, if you’re looking to put the fear of the God-Emperor into your opponent, you only need to flip a few more pages in the annual to gaze upon the fiery magnificence of Pious Vorne, of Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress fame.

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Not only is she fearsome at both close-range and in melee with her custom weapon, Vindictor, which combines the fury of a holy heavy flamer with a souped-up chainblade, but she can be taken as a bonus specialist!

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The pyromantic Zealot Pious Vorne and her Ministorum Priest master, Taddeus the Purifier (a unique Commander option), can both be included in an Adepta Sororitas kill team, so make sure you check out their full rules in the annual.

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That’s the Mission Report complete for now, but join us again next month, when we’ll be bringing you another instalment. If you want to muster an Adepta Sororitas kill team, grab yourself a Battle Sister Squad for a key selection of models to form its backbone and a copy of the Kill Team Annual 2019 for the rules today!

* What’s more, Sisters Repentia may be on a somewhat extreme form of probation, but they still have the Shield of Faith ability for a cheeky 6+ invulnerable save!

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