Kill Teams in the Office


Since the release of the Kill Team game a few months back, small elite squads have been popping up all across the offices here in Nottingham.

Many of them have been built in preparation for an event on it’s way this January, held in Warhammer World – Kill Team: Spyral Prime (see below). Today we take a look at a few of them, and how they might work in a game.

Andy Clark is one of our citadel writers, responsible for the lovely Gate of Stars campaign, and long-time fan of all things green.


The background for his force is a marauding mob of Death Skull ladz, led by Boss Nob Borgrot, who sneak around behind enemy lines wrecking stuff, cutting it up with burnas and looting the good bits, before naffing off back to base to make lots of teef out of their salvage.

His team features a deadly unit of Burnas, and while flamers in Kill Team games don’t often get to roast whole squads like they do in Warhammer 40,000 games, the ability to use them as a power weapon, or to inflict automatic hits on charging enemies, is very useful. These are backed up by a healthy number of boys.


Boyz Mob (10 models that have swapped their sluggas and choppas for shootas) ‘Borgrot’s Dakkaboyz
Boss Nob Borgrot (Leader – Power Klaw)
Raznuts, Ork Boy with Big Shoota (Specialist – Eagle Eye)
Dregsnik, Ork Boy (Specialist – Killer instinct) Just FYI this is the Ork Boy model with the mask.


Burna Boyz Mob (4 Burna Boyz and a Mek)
– Mek, Zagbork (Killsaw, Specialist – Feel no Pain to represent him having cybork bits)

Next up we have Phil Kelly’s ‘Ulthwé Blackfalcons’.


Eldar can make up some amazing Kill Teams – Aspect Warrior, Guardians, Rangers and War Walkers are all great options, but Phil has gone for a small hyper-mobile force of jetbikes. Phil has used a mixture of older components on his models and we had a lot of fun playing “guess that component”.

Phil had this to say:

“The Blackfalcons ride the storms of war to bring swift slaughter to Ulthwé’s foes.”

And we believe him! Being an Eldar lore expert, Phil has even gone and named every member of his Kill Team too! Top hobby scores to him.

– Leader – Vihirrio Warbringer – Warlock Skyrunner with Singing Spear
– Daeoc Voidspear – Windrider Guardian – Combat Specialist – Killer Instinct
– Xamaryl Naec – Windrider Guardian with Shuriken Cannon – Weapon Specialist – Sharpshooter (no cover saves)
– Dharmenian Zephyrsbane – Windrider Guardian with Shuriken Cannon – Guerilla Specialist – Infiltrate                 
– Amalathi Mirthbringer – Windrider Guardian
– Guerradille of House Ulthanash – Windrider Guardian
– Ylanthrian the Last Hope – Windrider Guardian
– Illuthis of House Uliara – Windrider Guardian  

Next up, the Skitarii Vanguard of Warhammer TV’s own Duncan Rhodes.


These models form part of a larger Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Knight Army that Duncan is painting right now. (Hopefully, at some point we can bring you a few more shots of the army.)

Rangers are a great unit for Kill Team – with lots of cool kit to give them the edge in squad-level combat.

10 Skitarii Rangers
-Alpha with arc maul, phosphor blast pistol, and refractor field
-Ranger with arc rifle
-Ranger with transuranic arquebus
-Ranger with omnispex
-6 Rangers with galvanic rifle

Finally, we have Eddie Eccles’ Genestealer Cults force.


You might recognise these guys from appearing on our first the Live-streamed Warhammer 40,000 game.

Eddie has included a Goliath Rock Grinder as part of his force, one of the largest vehicles that can be included in a Kill Team game. Accompanying that are two scary combat units, capable of both disappearing and reappearing using the Cult Ambush Special rule! A very sneaky Kill Team indeed.

Brotherhood of the Mantis

Goliath Rockgrider – aka Veronica – with Heavy Seismic Cannon
5x Acolyte Hybrids
5x Purestrain Genestealers
– One with Scything talons (Leader)
– One Combat Specialist (Hatred)
– One Dirty Fighter (Murderous Blows)
– One Guerrilla Specialist (Preferred Enemy)

So there you go – a few ways you could go about building a Kill Team. The range of units in Warhammer 40,000 is, of course huge, and there are near limitless ways you could create your own team. It is a great way to play though, so we highly suggest you give it a go. The Kill Team rules can be found in this boxed set, or downloaded digitally.

If you’re in the area, get involved in this Kill Team event at Warhammer World in the new year – it’d make a great testing ground for the first few models of your new armies!

Spyral Prime

We are proud to announce that we will be running a Kill Team tournament on 14th January . You’ll get to design your small force using the recently released rules and battle behind enemy lines. Have you got what it takes to come out alive and be crowned the Saviour of Spyral Prime?



War in the Shadows


The Spyral System has gone quiet. Clipped and incomprehensible communications tell of a threat to all 13 of the planets with orbits there. In response, the Inquisition has sponsored a number of small, well equipped Kill Teams to investigate the threat, accompanied by small elite forces from the Deathwatch and any Imperial forces that can be mustered. Little do they know that whatever disaster that has befallen the Spyral System has sent out a carrion’s call to warriors far and wide. The race is on to get to Spyral Prime and discover what secrets remain. Assemble your Kill Team, pick a side and fight to the death – the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

Event Essentials

System: Warhammer 40,000. You will need a copy of the new Kill Team rules to take part in this event.
Army Size: 200 Points.
Army Selection: All Kill Teams are assembled using the rules presented in the Kill Team expansion.


Number of Games: 6
Schedule: the event will begin registration at 9am and run until 6:00pm

Hope to see you there!

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