Kit Bash: Start Collecting! Craftworlds

The Start Collecting! Craftworlds set doesn’t just save you money – it’s also packed with spares for kit bashing and converting your models.

The entire Craftworlds range has great inter-kit compatibility – from many infantry sharing arm and head mountings with one another (and a good few Drukhari models!) to tanks and vehicles possessing interchangeable weapons. Indeed, most Craftworlds heavy weapons share a common joint, meaning they can be mounted on a wide range of vehicles and wraith constructs.

Having the War Walker and Wraithlord in the same box means you’ll be able to equip both with two of the same heavy weapon rather than having to mix and match. We think that twin shuriken cannons suit the fast-moving War Walker, while a pair of scatter lasers allow the Wraithlord to effectively engage a wide range of targets.

Kit bashing with the Craftworlds is so simple, we even snuck a little bit of it onto the cover of the Start Collecting! Craftworlds set – the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that we’ve added a bright lance from another kit in order to equip both the War Walker and the Wraithlord with some deadly anti-armour weaponry. Buy two of the Start Collecting! set and you’ll have four of each Craftworlds heavy weapon, making future conversions simple.

Order your Start Collecting! Craftworlds set today.

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