Legion Focus: Iron Warriors

The Chaos Space Marines codex is nearly here, and with it, rules for seven Chaos Legions as well as Renegade Chaos Marines. We’ll be previewing these in detail in the coming week, as well as looking at some of the new Stratagems and the best units in the new codex for each Legion.  We’ll be looking at the Emperor’s Children, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, World Eaters, Alpha Legion, Black Legion, Word Bearers and the Renegade Chapters. If you’re wandering where the Death Guard and Thousand Sons are, don’t panic! Both these armies are getting Codexes of their own.

The Iron Warriors are masters of siege warfare, pulling down enemy fortifications with massed firepower and vile Daemon engines. In the new codex, Iron Warriors are the strongest Chaos Space Marine army when it comes to ranged warfare, slaying the enemy wherever they may hide.

The Legion Trait:

The Iron Warriors Legion Trait is Siege Lords:

Similar to their bitter rivals, the Imperial Fists, this allows the Iron Warriors to ignore enemy bonuses to cover when shooting. Most Heretic Astartes armies are best used in assault, but the Iron Warriors are a deadly midrange army, easily capable of trading shots with massed infantry.

Top Units

Chaos Terminators are a great unit for Iron Warriors armies. These brutal juggernauts have long been one of the most popular choices for Chaos Space Marines forces thanks to their excellent saves and huge range of wargear, and the new edition has only served to make Chaos Terminators more powerful thanks to an additional Wound and huge improvements to combi-weapons. Give yours combi-flamers and use the Weaver of Fates psychic power and you’ll have a hugely durable firebase, capable of storming even the most redoubtable fortress with hails of punishing firepower.

Daemon Princes in Iron Warriors armies can use the Fleshmetal Exoskeleton for an enormous 2+ armour save and a Wound healed every turn, turning an already durable unit into a nigh-indestructible juggernaut. If you’re looking for a leader for your Iron Warriors army in the new codex, this is it.

How to use them:

The Iron Warriors way of war isn’t particularly complicated – set up camp on the objectives with your ranged units and unleash hell; the beauty of this army is that even if you’re charged, you’ll be pretty dangerous thanks to the natural proficiency of Chaos Space Marines in close combat. Combined with the Cold and Bitter Warlord Trait, you’ll be able to wear down your opponent while holding fast with huge units of Chaos Space Marines, Cultists and Terminators.

This is the Legion for you if you want to wage grinding, attritional warfare with massed shooting and durable infantry. Come back tomorrow, when we’ll be looking at the masters of fear in the 41st Millennium – the Night Lords.

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