Legion Focus: World Eaters

The Chaos Space Marines codex is nearly here, and with it, rules for seven Chaos Legions as well as Renegade Chaos Marines. We’ll be previewing these in detail in the coming week, as well as looking at some of the new Stratagems and the best units in the new codex for each Legion.  We’ll be looking at the Emperor’s ChildrenIron Warriors, Night Lords, World Eaters, Alpha Legion, Black Legion, Word Bearers and the Renegade Chapters. If you’re wondering where the Death Guard and Thousand Sons are, don’t panic! Both these armies are getting codexes of their own.

So far, the Legion Traits we’ve looked at have been subtle, tactical choices for skilled generals to outmanoeuvre their foes with. Sometimes, however, you just want to smash your opponents in the face.

We’ve got you covered. The World Eaters are back, and in a big way, packing a brutal Legion Trait that encourages risk-taking, fast-paced play:

The Trait:

An additional Attack with every model on the charge is great and means that every unit is going to be pretty deadly on the assault. For heavy units like the Helbrute, that’s another devastating Attack with the Helbrute fist, while across hordes of Chaos Space Marines, those Attacks are going to add up fast.

Best Units

Chaos Terminators are a deadly unit in a World Eaters army, capable of capitalising on their additional Attacks with powerful weapons like lightning claws and power fists. It’s worth noting that power fists have seen a significant points reduction in the new Chaos Space Marines codex, from 20 points to 12, meaning your heavy assault squads are even more efficient for their points. Teleport in, reroll your charges with an Icon of Wrath and smash the enemy apart – if you don’t do it the first time, just try again with Fury of Khorne.

Khârn the Betrayer is as powerful as he ever was and is a great general for a World Eaters force.

By taking Khârn as your Warlord, you’ll be able to make use of Slaughterborn; this Warlord Trait allows Khârn to snowball into an unstoppable force of destruction on the tabletop. If your opponent likes to use lots of monsters in his army, he won’t after he fights Khârn. Just keep some Cultists nearby to absorb the odd “accidental” miss with Gorechild.

How to Play Them

Take the Icon of Wrath on every unit you have and CHARGE. There’s not a single unit in the Chaos Space Marines codex that doesn’t benefit from this. You’ll want to take as many units like Raptors and Terminators as possible to minimise the amount of time you’re running up the field and getting shot, while the Brass Collar of Bhorgaster and Scorn of Sorcery should suffice to shut down any psychic powers (even with his bonuses to cast, the Might of Magnus is nothing to a very angry World Eater).

If you want to dominate the Fight phase (or just roll a LOT of dice), the World Eaters are the army for you. Come back tomorrow when we’ll be looking at the cunning arch-traitors of the 41st Millennium – the Black Legion.

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