Lords of the Deep

The Idoneth Deepkin made quite a splash last week with their first releases, and now reinforcements are surfacing, giving you more options on the tabletop – and more fabulous new Citadel miniatures to paint.

First up this week are the Namarti Reavers. Kin to last week’s Namarti Thralls, these are deadly missile troops whose distressing lack of eyes doesn’t stop them from being crack shots. Used to scout ahead of the rest of the Idoneth Deepkin force, they are lithe and quick, unleashing volleys of arrows from their whisperbows, before closing in to slit unwary foes’ throats with their keening blades. This kit contains 10 Namarti Reavers, each with two choices for arms – carrying just bows, or bows and knives – along with parts to make an icon bearer. The sprue also includes an eel to use on a scenic base for one of the models, or elsewhere in your collection.

Of course, any army needs a leader, and this week’s other release is just that. It’s a kit that makes two different models, one of them a named character. Volturnos, High King of the Deep, is the greatest warrior of the Idoneth, and one of the very first to be created. When Teclis first crafted his new aelves out of the souls reclaimed from Slaanesh, Volturnos was one of those born – and was among the first to flee from the Lord of Light and seek refuge beneath the waves. For untold centuries he has shepherded his folk through many trials, and is revered by many, and respected by all.

Volturnos – and his alternate build, an Akhelian King – is mounted upon a Deepmare, a vicious scaled and horned beast adorned in armour and tamed by the Akhelians. Volturnos is armed with his signature weapon, the Astra Solus, and the High King’s Shield. He has a distinctive bald head with an eyepatch, and an ornate back banner, the Crest of the High Kings.

The Akhelian King has a choice of armaments, carrying either a greatsword or a bladed polearm, a shield to accompany it and a falchion across his back. Along with three head options and alternate parts for the Deepmare, there is plenty of scope for creating a unique-looking leader for your force.

Both of these new kits are available to pre-order now, and will be in stores next weekend. And of course, Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin, which contains the rules for these and the rest of the range, is on shop shelves right now.

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