Made to Ordo

Heretics, beware, the Agents of the Imperium are back with a vengeance.

You can now pre-order the new Codex: Imperial Agents. This book compiles together many of the lesser known, or more specialist forces within the Imperium and allows you to easily add forces of these elite troops to your existing Imperial armies.


It covers forces as divergent as the Astra Telepathica, the Grey Knights and even a full army list for the Adepta Sororitas, the devout Sisters of Battle.

Also included are the dread forces of the Inquisition and rules to use them alongside specialists from their ordos.


To mark the occasion we’re releasing a new Canoness model: the first new Sister of Battle miniature in over a decade. Unsurprisingly, she’s been very popular, so just click ’email me’ on the product page to be notified when the model is available to order again.

We’re also bringing back loads of classic Ecclesiarchy miniatures as Made to Order items, so you have another chance to add them to your collection (but only for a limited time).


All these new releases can be found on the Games Workshop website.

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