Magnus the Red

Just released from Forge World today, we have a new Primarch!

Surrounded by a swirling vortex of psychic energy, the new miniature is the iconic image of the sorcerer-king at the height of his power, during the Battle of Prospero.

Magnus the Red is renowned as being the greatest living psyker in the Imperium (apart from his dad), and this new model not only looks the part, it acts it in the game too. He not only kicks out a lot of powers every psychic phase, with unparalleled reliability, he has the option to up-power those spells to turn them into etheric maelstroms that can rip tanks in half, and even (if he’s lucky) slay his brother Primarchs. He’s about the only character in the game that can kill a Primarch without getting into combat with them!

Also out today, for those of you looking to pick up Magnus as a display piece, there’s an epic diorama base for him and his brother Russ, showcasing the moment before these two gods of battle clash in the centre of the the ruins of Tizca.

Pre-order Magnus, and his new display base here:

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