Make your Plague Weapons even more deadly with the Lord of Virulence

Taking to the battlefield to level his millenia of martial experience against the enemies of Nurgle, the Lord of Virulence is a brand new Character for Death Guard armies, and he’s arriving for pre-order on Saturday. Seeing as it’s Death Guard week, we’re giving you a peek through the fleshy, poxy curtain at this support-focused HQ choice.

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Clad in ancient Terminator armour and with a vicious twin plague spewer in hand, the Lord of Virulence is a supporting commander par excellence with a host of abilities for improving the Marines they lead into battle. As an expert in artillery and long-range bombardment, the ranged Plague Weapons carried by nearby troops reach new levels of efficiency thanks to the Lord’s Master of Destruction ability.

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Combined with Plague Weapons’ ability to re-roll wound rolls of 1, your Core units will have an easier time than ever inflicting a barrage of wounds that bypass the flimsy armour of the Corpse-Emperor’s teeming masses. If dishing out mortal wounds is on the cards, their peerless ability to direct artillery fire allows them to reduce the cost of the Blight Bombardment Stratagem by 1CP.

40kDG LordOfVirulence Jan14 Boxout2o

As recipients of one of the Mantles of Corruption, Lords of Virulence are graced by the hand of Mortarion himself, the chosen son of Nurgle, and elevated above their peers to represent the lethal contagions of their spiritual grandfather’s garden. Flanked by thunderous war machines and the deadly legions of the Death Guard, few can withstand the furious torrent of their combined firepower.

Make sure to snap up your own Lord of Virulence when the new and improved Death Guard arrive for pre-order on Saturday. Will you be fielding one in your own Plague Company? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and be sure to stay tuned for more information this week at Warhammer Community. Tomorrow, we’re going crusading…

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