March, For Macragge

So, a Primarch returns, the warriors of Titan join the battle and a lost son of Caliban returns to seek redemption (or possibly destroy everyone – the jury’s still out).

A few pictures of March‘s issue of White Dwarf have been circulating the internet today, but as with all leaks, they were taken during one of Nottingham’s many earthquakes, so the picture resolution is a bit blurry.

So we thought we’d just share the whole article with you!

Here you go folks, an exclusive from the pages of White Dwarf on the final instalment of the Gathering Storm trilogy, a whole month early. Don’t say we never give you anything.


The Imperium of Mankind is in turmoil. Warp storms rage across the galaxy, tearing holes in reality through which spill legions of heretics, traitors and Daemons. The Maelstrom waxes strong, spreading tendrils of empyric energy across the Ultima Segmentum, while the Eye of Terror has grown larger than ever before, eclipsing the Cadian Gate and swallowing the planet of Cadia.

Imperial forces race to the breaches in realspace, determined to ensure that Abaddon the Despoiler’s 13th Black Crusade goes no further, but they are sorely pressed, for the Warmaster’s forces have appeared across the galaxy and have even laid siege to Macragge, home world of the Ultramarines Chapter of Space Marines. Besieged, the Ultramarines do not know why they are under attack, yet they will find out soon enough, for an unusual delegation has arrived…

Roboute Guilliman was one of the Emperor’s 20 sons and Primarch of the Ultramarines Legion during the days of the Great Crusade. A superlative statesman and leader, he was also a formidable strategist, formulating battle plans and tactics that are still in use 10,000 years later. While Guilliman continued his father’s work following the Horus Heresy, he was eventually brought low by his treacherous brother Fulgrim. Interred in a stasis field before he could die, Guilliman has remained at death’s door ever since…

‘Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch’, is the third book in the Gathering Storm series, concluding the story arcs that began in Fall of Cadia and Fracture of Biel-Tan. The heroes from both books – including Saint Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax, Belisarius Cawl and the Ynnari – continue their quests, travelling through the Eldar webway to arrive in the Ultramar system. As you can probably tell from the title of the book, their arrival sparks one of the most miraculous, game-changing events in the history of Warhammer 40,000 – the resurrection of the Primarch Roboute Guilliman, who must then come to terms with what the Imperium has become in the 9,000 years he’s been in stasis. Alongside the book comes a trio of brand-new miniatures, first among them Guilliman himself – marking the first time a loyalist Primarch has been made in plastic. It’s a monumental event with massive repercussions, as you’ll soon find out.

In the darkest hour…

March sees the release of Rise of the Primarch. Like the preceding two books – Fall of Cadia and Fracture of Biel-Tan – the title is pretty blatant, and the front cover leaves nothing to the imagination – Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines Chapter, is reborn! This 136-page hardback book follows the introduction of Roboute Guilliman to the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium and the monumental task he has ahead of him – that of saving the Imperium. Alongside a cracking story, you’ll find rules for using Guilliman and his advisors in your games of Warhammer 40,000, plus maps, ’Eavy Metal showcases, epic illustrations, new missions, army-building options and plenty more besides.

The Triumvirate of the Primarch

Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines is reborn! For close to nine millennia, his body was held in stasis, caught in the heartbeat before death. Now, through the artifice of the Martian Tech-priest Belisarius Cawl and the alien sorcery of the Eldar Yvraine, he returns to the Imperium in its darkest hour.

Clad in the Armour of Fates and wielding his father’s flaming sword, Roboute Guilliman is a demigod of war, a symbol of freedom and Humanity’s best chance of saving the Emperor’s legacy. However, his noble countenance is troubled by the terrible state of the Imperium, and he must put aside his fears if he is to save Mankind. But first Guilliman must fight the war to end all wars. It could take many mortal lifetimes.

Alongside Roboute Guilliman, this plastic set also contains Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knights – one of Guilliman’s new and most trusted advisors – and the enigmatic Cypher, who joins Guilliman on his quest to save the Imperium. Or does he…?

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