Mark III Space Marines, Tartaros Terminators

Loyal Space Marines fans are getting spoilt at the moment – as well as the return of the Primarch of the Ultramarines to the 41st Millennium (in store this weekend), you can also pre-order yourself two new relic-suits of armour from the age of the Horus Heresy.

The new Mark III iron armour and Tartaros Terminator kits were first available in the Burning of Prospero boxed set. They are really versatile kits, with a variety of uses in both Warhammer 40,000 and Horus Heresy themed collections.

The Mark III kits make great Warhammer 40,000 Tactical Squads, especially for some of the more ancient and practical Chapters such as the Iron Hands or Imperial Fists. They can also be used to make Tactical Squads or Legion Veterans for a Horus Heresy era army for battle in the Age of Darkness.

And, of course, Chaos Space Marines will also likely have a few of these suits still in their armouries too, (especially the Iron Warriors). You can even mix them with other kits to create anything from Chaos Chosen, to Fallen Angels or Sternguard.

The Tartaros Terminators are no less flexible. While they don’t have unique rules for Warhammer 40,000 games, the kit is versatile enough to make either a Terminator Assault Squad with lightning claws, or a more traditional Terminator Squad with storm bolters, power fists and a heavy flamer. These can also be used in Age of Darkness games, and for those of you looking to mix-it-up, the components are fully compatible with the recent Scarab Occult Terminator kit for the Thousand Sons.

The new Mark III Space Marines and Tartaros Terminators are available to pre-order now, and in stores next weekend. If you want a quick way to get an army of these guys, the Burning of Prospero box is still a great option too.

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