Marneus Calgar: The Comic – Out Now!

A new era of Warhammer comics begins today, as the first issue of Marvel’s Marneus Calgar hits the shelves of comic book stores around the world!

Marneus Calgar is created by award-winning comic book writer and long-time Warhammer fan Kieron Gillen, with art by Jacen Burrows, colouring by Java Tartaglia, and lettering by Clayton Cowles. The story sees a threat to Ultramar emerge in the form of the mysterious Black Altar – with previously unknown links to the Ultramarines Chapter Master’s past…

For the first time, you’ll discover key events from Calgar’s history, from his origins on Nova Thulium to his early days among the Chapter and some of his fiercest battles. The story will give you new insights into this legendary Space Marine hero, as well as the sort of action that only a comic book could bring to life!

Issue one (of five) is available now. To see where you can get it, check out the Comic Shop Locator Service, which lists stockists in more than 60 countries worldwide. Find your local store and pick up your copy today!

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