Meet the Night Lords that give the rest of the Legion nightmares

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During the Horus Heresy, the Contekar were the Night Lords’ premier shock troops, adept at sowing panic and dismay among their enemies. With their new models coming out soon, we’re taking a look at the lore of these merciless killers. 

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Terminator terror

Haughty and aloof, the Contekar were made up of recruits from Nostramo’s ruling elite.* Long before the Night Lords turned Traitor, they carried this arrogance as a badge of honour and would only fight alongside those they deemed worthy. And they deemed very few to be worthy.

With friends like these

The Contekar were often dispatched to wrest command from lesser Night Lords leaders whom their commanders considered unfit to prosecute the Legion’s objectives. Anyone who’s ever had their boss ask “can I have a quick word?” knows that icy chill that goes up the backbone. Now imagine it was five midnight-clad Terminators asking… 

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Weapons of war

Each member of a Contekar unit typically carries a heavy flamer into battle so they can easily burn enemy armies, infrastructure, and agriculture to little more than ash. They also use a Nostraman chainblade, to cut down any that escape their fiery wrath, or occasionally an Escaton power claw. This brutal weapon combines the energy field and mass acceleration of a power fist with the shredding talons of a lightning claw, making it perfect for anyone who can’t choose between their two favourite weapons.

If you’re not already cowering and wailing in abject fear, you may be wondering how to add the Contekar Terminators to your Night Lords Legion. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered with the rules you need to lead these menacing beasts into battle.

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The new Contekar Terminator Elite models will be available to pre-order on Friday. In the meantime, grab a Night Lords Legion Praetor so that they have someone to accompany into battle.

* Nostramo was the homeworld of the Night Lords Legion before they destroyed it themselves.

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