Mustering for Konor – Our Armies: Steve

The armies rallied to defend Konor are vast and varied, and include even the personal guard of the Emperor himself – the Adeptus Custodes. With the muster well underway, we caught up with Steve to talk about his Custodians, and how he’s building his army to drive Chaos from the Konor system once and for all:

Ever since I started in the Warhammer hobby and read about the Emperor and his personal bodyguard, the fabled warriors of the Custodian Guard have been a firm favourite of mine. Initially just the idea of them standing sentinel over the Throneworld was enough to make me imagine how cool it would be to field a force of them. The first time I saw them was in John Blanche’s depiction in the second edition rulebook.

Many years later, when they started to feature in the Horus Heresy books and were fleshed out even more by the likes of Aaron Dembski-Bowden in ‘The First Heretic’ (still my favourite Horus Heresy novel), it fanned the flames of my interest more and more.

October 2016 was a great month, and there was a definite fist pump – for it saw the launch of the Horus Heresy boxed game Burning of Prospero. Contained within, for the very first time, were Adeptus Custodes Citadel Miniatures, and I knew from that moment I would have to get some. Sadly I would have to wait though, as I was burdened by the mountain of other hobby I already had to do: a full battle company and more of Blood Angels, a sizeable portion of Craftworld Iyanden and a bucketload of Moria Goblins and Cave Trolls all waiting to have a fresh lick of paint. My love of the Emperor’s elite guard had to wait for the more mortal constraints of time.


When we announced the new version of Warhammer 40,000, and also that shortly after it came out we would be running a campaign for it, I knew what had to be done. All other projects were put on hold and I could finally indulge my inner 12 year old and get, for me, one of the most iconic armies in the grim darkness of the far future.

The guardian spear has always been synonymous with the Custodians and so I wanted mine to have them, all of them. So as to avoid being overwhelmed, I chose to get 15 of them to start with. Besides, they aren’t cheap on power levels or points, so it’d be a great start to a force. I also needed some heavier firepower, so I went for 2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts – a model I had always admired from afar, but never got for my Blood Angels (I already had 11 other Dreadnoughts).

When it came to painting I wanted something fairly quick to do, but that was detailed enough that I would be happy I was doing the models justice. My colleague Martin suggested I get in touch with another colleague, Ben, as he had recently done some Stormcast Eternals with a really quick method that he thought looked great. And so I did. What I got back from Ben seemed too good to be true: “It’s nothing fancy – just spray them Retributor Gold, drybrush with Stormhost Silver, then wash twice with Reikland Fleshshade Gloss, and that’s it”. Simple – really simple – and so I set to with my gold spray and Fleshshade (thank goodness for the larger pots of shades is all I can say).

Having used a lot of washes for my Iyanden Eldar, I know that it can be tricky to get them right on large, flat surfaces without it looking mottled. With that in mind, when it came to the Contemptors I made sure to take that extra bit of time to smoothe over any excessive pooling. For the rest of the colour scheme I wanted to go as traditional as possible, so I followed what the ‘Eavy Metal team had done on theirs (though to nowhere near the same standard!), using the 360-degree image from the Games Workshop webstore as my main point of reference.

At this point I should add in that I only really get chance to paint during my lunch break at work, most evenings and weekends being occupied with parental duties. That being said, it hasn’t taken me a huge amount of time to get them finished and just goes to prove that little and often is a great way of getting stuff done.

I haven’t played with my Adeptus Custodes yet, though I am due to have my first game soon, but I am already considering my next addition to the force: a Land Raider and more infantry, with sentinel blades and storm shields.

With a few weeks to go before the Fate of Konor campaign begins,, now is a great time to get started, whether you’re a veteran Warhammer 40,000 player or you’ve not yet begun your journey in the Dark Millennium. Why not start your own army of elite warriors with the Talons of the Emperor box set?

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