My Armour is Contempt

Striding from the ice-caverns of the Aett come the latest of Forge World’s Legion Contemptor Dreadnoughts.

A Space Wolves Legion Contemptor Dreadnought holds within its rune-etched hull the sarcophagus of a saga-sung hero of the Rout. Space Wolves are not the most willing of internees to a Dreadnought, but they recognise that if the Allfather still has need of them, their place is to fight the enemies of Mankind in whatever way they can.

The new Space Wolves Legion Contemptor Dreadnought, like all of Forge World’s Legion-themed Contemptors, is festooned with detail befitting its allegiance. You can choose from a Dreadnought already supplied with weaponry (a twin heavy bolter and power claw) or you can get him “armless” and choose from an impressive arsenal of weaponry and upgrades.

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